A Gallant Knight’s Tunic – so easy to make

 We are going to a 12th day Celebration on the 6th of January, a royal party to celebrate the coming of the three Kings to witness the birth of Jesus. I made Rosella and Kaelan a crown each yesterday and today I made a royal purple princess cape and a gallant knight’s tunic. Kaelan is not so keen on wearing his gallant knight’s tunic (even though I made it in blue), but perhaps the addition of a wooden sword might sway him. I haven’t let him have anything more than a cardboard sword before. We’ll see what David can do about that. I’m looking forward to the challenge of making a scabbard! I have in mind a scabbard embroidered with magic symbols, a la Morgaine’s scabbard she made to keep King Arthur safe in the Avalon series … but really if he can tuck a sword into a belt I’m sure that will do! I think I would be the only one to appreciate the effort gone into embroidering it :)

Anyway, here is his tunic. It is really simple, and I made this in 2 hours this morning :)

I took the pattern from one of his T shirts, and only stitched the front and back together at the shoulders, so the tunic slips over the head and ties up at the sides. Very simple. I blanket-stitched the cross on, and added a little embellishment with silver thread and golden stars.

Here is the (somewhat unwilling, and slightly sunburned) gallant knight in his tunic, golden cape and new (blue) crown … *sigh* we can’t always make a winner. If I had stitched a police badge onto it he probably wouldn’t take it off …

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Jennifer McCormack Gold Coast Celebrant. Lavendilly Celebrations - Handmade Ceremonies celebrating the beautiful and sacred in life xx
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2 Responses to A Gallant Knight’s Tunic – so easy to make

  1. Peggy says:

    Looks great Jen – he will come good when he sees everyone else wearing one. A sword would make a good addition.

  2. Renee JdV says:

    How cool is this! He does look gallant :-) Will have to whip up something like this for Possum.

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