Blessing Briony

This weekend I helped my friend Briony celebrate her first pregnancy and initiation into motherhood with a Mama Blessing.


It was pure joy from start to finish!

I wish I had handed my camera over to an appointed photographer in the beginning. I always forget to take photos.

Later on my camera was discovered and passed around, but photos of the actual ceremony didn’t happen.


We began by stating our connection to Briony, as her Sisters honouring her journey into the realm of motherhood.


I am Jennifer

Daughter of Peggy

Granddaughter to Elizabeth and Marie Therese

Mother to Kaelan and Rosella

and a “Sister of Briony”


Next we shared our offerings and blessings to Briony and began a ritual of Motherhood Initiation.


Then a feast of delicious foods, a nuturing and pampering session for Briony.

Briony was a willing participant and women were lining up to gift her a massage!

Recipes for foot/hand scrubs and facial mask can be found here

The avocado facial mask was so good it could have been used for dip afterwards!



While this was going on we were also busy creating communal gifts from our hearts.

Painted squares of calico to become a quilt for baby:


A felted meditation mat for Briony, perhaps to become a play mat for baby later on:



Good friends. Real blessings.


Relaxed Mama Briony, on a high from feeling loved.



3 thoughts on “Blessing Briony

  1. Oh my gosh! How absolutely awesome. Wish I could go back in time and have one of these. Don’t think I’ll ever be pregnant again. Can you have one retrospectively??!! Love the idea of the quilt and the mat looks gorgeous. 🙂

  2. I think of course you could have a retrospective Mama Blessing! Why not? We need to take the time to honour ourselves as Mamas. If you want one let me know – I’m already planning it!

  3. Oh how wonderful! How I wish I had friends like you, way back when! This is such a beautiful time and is so much better shared with friends and family who are like minded! I love the idea of a quilt or mat with all your love poured in! How wonderful! Much love to Briony and best wishes for her new journey as a mama!

    I am also in awe of your switch to WordPress! I must admit I looked at it over a year ago and was too scared! I bow down down to your braveness and skill! Yes I do! I am scared to run away from the easy blogger! LOL!

    Hugs and smoochies! xxoxooxxoxo

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