Dottie Angel Challenge

What have I done?

I’ve just written to Dottie Angel and agreed to her challenge only to buy second-hand or handmade items for 365 days. I think I will begin 1st October. I wanted to start on my birthday but that is a month away and I might forget by then…!

There are some clauses to the challenge (including buying underwear) and the challenge does not include gifts that you may receive. For the rest of the clauses check out Dottie Angel’s blog.

I’m going add a clause of my own:

I WILL do my best to source second-hand items, but I run craft and felting workshops and so for my business I will need to buy new if I cannot find satisfactory second hand items.

The other thing is shopping: I will buy local where possible and affordable.

So … my birthday is coming up … please feel free to gift me items that I may find challenging to fit into these guidelines!!


2 thoughts on “Dottie Angel Challenge

  1. Great idea! I’ve been thinking along those same lines. If I need something, I’ve been trying to make it myself from stuff I have already, or recycle and transform something existing. Will check out that blog…

  2. I am sleeping on the idea tonight…. pretty sure that I am going to take the challenge too. I feel like I am going through another tranformation and this really lines up with where I am heading. Feeling excited about this…

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