Halfway Down The Stairs …

This morning I went for a long walk with Rosella, battling the wild wind! We found ourselves sitting on a branch with our legs dangling over the cool creek, listening to it bubble busily. Rosella was so silent and still as we sat together, that I wondered what she was thinking. Then came floating through my memory was one of my favourite A.A. Milne poems:


Halfway down the stairs

is a stair where I sit

There isn’t any other stair

quite like it

I’m not at the bottom

and I’m not at the top, 

but this is the stair

where I always stop.

Halfway up the stairs

isn’t up and isn’t down.

It isn’t in the Nursery

It isn’t in the Town.

And all sorts of funny thoughts

run ’round my head.

It isn’t really anywhere.

It’s somewhere else instead.


Robin sings the full poem for you here:



Peaceful isn’t it? Halfway down the stairs is a place I love to visit.

There are only two verses to this poem, but I have always felt there should be a third. Like Robin, when I sing it to my children at bedtime, or to myself when I am in a ‘halfway’ mood, I often repeat the first verse at the end. But the ‘unfinished’ feeling of the poem is part of it’s wistful charm … it leaves you drifting in that halfway place, peacefully alone with the wandering of your thoughts. In the alternate reality of suspended here and now, or yesterday … but not in tomorrow.

On my way home I made up a third verse for the poem. I think there should be lots of third verses because Halfway Down the Stairs is different whenever you go there.  Please send me your third verse, I’d love to hear where you go. This is my third verse from today:


Halway down the stairs

is a place I love to go

to think and dream of all the things 

I feel and I know

and I always surprise myself  

with visions wise or wild

I am not nearly thirty-four

I’ve always been a child.

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