Rosella goes retro

I was very inspired by Dottie Angel’s challenge this afternoon and straight away I hauled out the two overflowing boxes of material and old clothes I have been saving for … something …and made a pair of pants for Rosella.

From scratch.

Rosella's pants


I know. The photo is a bit blurry. But the girl is cute, right?


The model pose


How’s that for a model pose?


The pattern I made up from another pair of pants she has and the material came from something I didn’t even know I had. It looked like a mattress cover for a cot-sized bed. I thought about keeping it because the Holly-Hobby inspired pattern is so cute, but … well they make pretty cute pants too, don’t they? Retro seems to be the thing right now so Rosella can strut her stuff in her Holly Hobby pants, and I think there may be enough material left over for a skirt too. Maybe one for me!

I’m so proud of myself. Now I’ve got one of my favourite skirts out on the kitchen table, ready to make a pattern from that too … and my old Reader’s Digest “Things to Make and Do” book open at the guide to sewing pages.

I am supposed to be doing lots of felting in preparation for the Goddess Conference but at times like this my inspiration tends to lose focus!


5 thoughts on “Rosella goes retro

  1. What an adorable model and yes you are very clever too. This is what we call wardrobe refashion and is what I was doing at the craft fair in sydney a few weeks back. I will have to blog about it soon. There is so much we can make with what we already have, if only we have a go at it! Well done. The pants looks gorgeous! I wish I had time to sew, I am so far behind with all my projects. LOL First I need to find my house under all the mess and then fix up my poor neglected garden. I am so late for planting this year. I will still do it though! Im determined!

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