Some days are like that!

I spent the night springing out of bed the moment I heard Kaelan begin another round of vomiting.

I missed a tea party today.

I have heavy hayfever from yesterday’s dust storm.

I had to abandon my sewing because there was smoke curling up from the inside of my sewing machine.

I burned the soup pot dry.

The smoke alarms scared the children.

I rescued the soup (which has a slightly tangy nutty flavour to it now),

but then I burned out the blender as I was whizzing it smooth.

It is only lunch time.


Not that I am expecting anything else to happen … but some days are like that!



4 thoughts on “Some days are like that!

  1. The children are sleeping peacefully.
    The house is cleared of smoke.
    The dust is settling and my hayfever clearing.
    The soup was … hot…
    The breeze is gentle, the book is relaxing,
    the cup of tea is perfect …

    … and the skirt is waiting for another day’s sewing.

    Having said that, I think that sitting still and reading a book might be the safest activity for me today!

  2. Glad to hear things have improved! Yes, I have had days like that, particularly thinking of the vomiting child and the burnt soup. So familiar at the moment, both of them…

    I am in on Tif’s challenge with you, and I look forward to learning about how you are getting on.

  3. Jen – that was a day for sacred idleness! Sounds like you got there in the end.
    I had that day earlier this week – must be something in our planets’ alignment?

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