Mama Moontime

My friend Amber Greene, aka “Mama Moontime” is beginning her new Mama Moontime Club next week.

There is a competition on her website for one term’s free enrolment!

Just go to her website and leave a comment.

The term begins on October 7, and runs for 10 weeks, on Wednesdays in Mudgeeraba, on the Gold Coast, Qld.


Mama Moontime Club - Things for a Beautiful Life


Here are seven reasons you’ll love the Mama Moontime Club!


1. You’ll be challenged to flex your thinking muscles- and find delight in the ordinary and everyday things. 
2. You’ll learn a heap of fun new skills and you’ll be able to make gifts for your loved ones using these tools
3. You’ll begin to guard your creative flame and hold it so dear, you won’t be able to live without it! Your heart will soar!!
4. You’ll have BIG FUN with a whole bunch of fabulous, exuberant women- just like you!
5. You’ll walk away every night with a whole lot of things to think about, and at least one (but oftentimes, more than one) thing you have created with your own hands! 
6. You’ll keep a journey journal and in a few months, you’ll be able to look back and see how far you have come!
7. You’ll be inspired to reach for your own dreams and make them a reality- with the support and love of your own Mama Moontime Creative Tribe!


One thought on “Mama Moontime

  1. Thanks Jen for your generous link to my Mama Moontime Club work. I love your new blog! It is so sweet and lovely. I loved reading about, and seeing, Briony- she looks so blooming!
    I’m contemplating the Dottie Angel challenge – I kind of live this most of the time anyway but it needs more time to ruminate in me!!! See you Monday!

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