Anyone for oil?

My cousin, knowing how I am currently exploring the qualities of tahini (I can now eat hulled tahini without grimacing!),  recently put me on to black tahini. 


My husband describes it as ‘gold-plated’ tahini, as it certainly isn’t cheap….but there is nothing gold about it.

It is black. 

It looks like oil.


I don’t even think I can pass it off as vegemite as it is very, definitely,



I am not accustomed to eating black foods, but I was assured by my cousin and everything I read that it is TASTIER than hulled tahini.

And guess what? 

It is.

Even Rosella didn’t mind it, although her first reaction was “yuk”


I’ve read that it is an excellent calcium source,

like dairy but without forming mucus.

There are recipes to try at ,

and I found this information about black tahini from

Black sesame will give you the added bonus of anthocyanin antioxidants more isoflovones and higher levels of minerals such as manganese, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and especially iron. Also greater amounts of the vitamins A, E and B1.

In Ayurverdic medicine, black sesame has a much higher medicinal value than white or red sesame, Not only do they use it internally, but it’s oil is used specifically for mental disorders, as it positively affects the nervous system and the serotonin levels of the brain! Chinese medicine has been using black sesame medicinally for thousands of years! They confirm in their practice of this medicine food, that black sesame can:

  • Prevent constipation and improve bowel movement by moisturising the intestines.
  • Enrich the blood, and enhance the complexion.
  • Support the growth of healthy hairs.
  • Retard ageing and improve the memory.
  • Strengthen the liver and kidney functions.
  • Help normalise blood pressure, and thus preventing heart problems.
  • Excellent for anaemic conditions due to it’s high iron content.
  • It is an excellent muscle stimulant.
  • Most intriguing of all, is that it is said to be effective in mitigating premature grey hair!

3 thoughts on “Anyone for oil?

  1. I’ve always loved black sesame seeds…willing to give black tahini a go. Be interesting to see what hommus made with black tahini looks like! And how is it that Rosella still manages to look gorgeous with black goop all over her face!!

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