The Eighty/Twenty Principle

I am always striving to maintain balance in my life, and a healthy persepctive about the things that happen around me. On my fridge I have written my daily mantra:

“I take life in perfect balance”

Something to work towards anyway, and a nice reminder that maintaining balance means you must know the extremes that exist on either side so that you can know best how to align yourself in the centre.

My creative work always opens up a space for clear thinking and healing thoughts, and my recent felting activitity has seen my thoughts running wild. It has reminded me of an article that my friend and mentor wrote a few years ago about the Pereto Principle, otherwise known as the “80/20” principle.

I have created a new section on my blog for parenting articles that I have written or collected, and I have posted it there. Please stop by and have a look. I think you will find it a very reassuring read! It has certainly helped me many times over the years, when things start getting a little overwhelming


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