Living the fairytale

Melissa and I initiated a Women’s Circle last night ,

and it was a








place to be. We lived a woman’s life time in fairytale time. The story unfolded in ways I hadn’t thought of – and themes emerged that I also had not considered. For my own part I was grateful for the insights I witnessed and received. From the traditional fairytale of “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” came threads of


finding and expressing our courage

trusting our sense of inner direction

allowing people to help us on our way


transforming responsibility into joy

budding, blossoming and fruiting


A gift of words that I gave to another woman became a gift that I also gave to myself:

” What you give out to the world will come back to you.

Accept the gift you give to yourself.”

We sang Melissa’s divine music, listened, shared, received and created through painting, drawing and words.

Our Circle continues again next month. If you would like a little taste of what is to come next time I will give you one word to play with over the next month:



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