This is my little man.

He is different now. He’s been five for three whole months and in that time he’s grown ‘up’ and settled ‘down’ in so many ways.

He no longer flits and trips about when he moves, but walks (or runs!) with firm, sure-footedness.

He can follow directions … and leaving me standing there in shock with my mouth hanging open each time I ask him to do something – and he does it, without complaint 🙂

His sense of adventure has matured in a way that now sees him making his dreams into a reality: he works all day making mortar for his brickwork for his cubby – building extensions, putting in electricity and phone lines, fixing the kitchen and the roof … I might add that he does all this with scrappy bits of wood, a bucket of water, four bricks, the sandpit, a hammer and a seemingly bottomless box of nails.

Today he found the snail (pictured) hiding in a hole of a brick. He spent a good 10 minutes patiently waiting for it to show itself. I told him the snail must have felt safe with him. He nods “yup” and finds a cool place for it to slide away.

He exudes a sense of peace in himself that we lost for some time.

I’m so glad we found it again.

I’ve been missing him while he is at kindy, and I look forward to our ‘home days’ together.

The teacher in me knows this is part of a cycle – I know the tantrums and the stubborness will return in a few months time. But for now I am soaking up every minute of my time with him. 

Every minute.


6 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Oh Jen, thank you for sharing your hearts words with us. I drank in every word. Your little man is so blessed to have a present mama that is so aware of who he is. Little boys sure are special!

  2. Your post made me smile, it made me teary and made me realise alot about mother hood and watching our little ones grow into themselves. A beautiful photo also. Your boy chose well when he chose you.

  3. Thanks Donna and Kristy – Kaelan and I, we’ve been through our rough times. It is always nice to be rewarded for the effort you put in when there seems like no end to it!! I guess that is why it is extra special to have this time – and notice it for what it is!

  4. Oh Jen, that was just beautiful. I felt every word, and the picture is priceless. What a gorgeous little boy he is! Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe my little firebug is just going through a phase as well….

  5. Hi Mama Lavendilly. What a beautiful post and image of your precious boy. He is such a darling. It is important to soak up the good bits, to sustain us through the difficult ones. Thank you for reminding us. 🙂

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