oopsie I broke the Challenge already!

I have been at the 2009 Goddess Conference this weekend. I am still processing the experience of being together with such a wonderful group of women…so I can’t quite describe it for you yet. Feelings so deep and intangible that words would actually not be able to describe it at all. It was quite an overwhelming weekend for me but I was able to take it at my own pace, to participate when I felt I could and sit out when it felt too much. The words of love and wisdom from all the presenters, but particularly Grandmother Bilawara Lee and Anique Radiant Heart, filled my heart, and filled the entire hall with the visions of what is possible when we can focus our intentions in purety of thought and actions.

The theme of the Conference was the Five Flames of the Magdalena: VOICE, TRUTH, SELF-LOVE, DEDICATION, MATURITY. In every way the conference presenters and guests explored these flames and brought them to an amazing physical experience of womanhood and sisterhood within the group of 90 women. Every woman received a ‘gift’ from this experience, myself included.

Of course I was there displaying my felted bits and pieces too. It was my hope to sell a few, but I never expected the fascinated response I received, or the compliments I was given. I was astounded as I took order after order for the few pieces I had on my table. I sold my snake, I sold my mermaid (see my gallery) and I had many discussions about future workshops. 

So I did quite well this weekend, in all respects…and with money burning a hole in my pocket for the first time in a loooong time I broke the Dottie Angel Challenge this weekend and went shopping. I’m still on the challenge though, because it is a great  for my creativity and the things I bought I just didn’t FEEL like making for myself.

Besides, it is my birthday 🙂

So I bought myself some lovely new clothes …  a new pretty skirt, a new pair of comfy comfy pants, a flowy voile shirt and a dress to wear for priestess rituals…a spree in “The Tree of Life” shop. Yay! It was very satisfying. But in the spirit of the challenge two of these items I bought with the intention of making patterns from them so that I can make more for myself.  These are the first items of clothing I have bought myself since the purchase of breastfeeding tops when Rosella was a wee little thing, so in all honesty I have pretty much been on this challenge for the last two years. Those tops have been worn almost daily, even now as Rosella hardly feeds at all. I love good purchases like those.



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