the universe within

From the moment I opened my eyes today, well indeed this entire week, I have had the knowledge that I am filled with the universe. Who could have thought that something so large and mysterious could be contained within a skin? I’m not sure sure it can be though…I have been jumping out of my skin all week 🙂

That spiral dance I wrote about last month (in regards to housework!) is going on right now within my heart space and it feels goooood.

Sure I realise this sounds a like a loopy thing to post about….but there you go.


My week began excellently in the after-glow of the Goddess Conference…then it was my birthday, a peaceful and relaxing day tempered by the sad and sobering news of the death of my Uncle, who now has been relased from long term illness.


While my Uncle and his family have been in my thoughts and my heart every day, my week has ended brightly and happily with a house full of children today for Friday Family Day Care. Cubbies…jewel cookies…delicious pawpaw…firetrucks…stories…and a dreamy two hour sleep.

A good dose of rain would really top it all off.


Things I am looking forward to this coming week:

– catching up with friends I have been too busy to see recently

– MYSHA Women’s Circle on Monday night (the theme of which is related to skin – no wonder I am jumping out of mine!)

– handing over a doll I began making for a friend a looong time ago

– organising my creative space

– finishing my selkie meditation mat.

– Kaelan’s Orientation Day for Prep (tomorrow!)

– Rosella’s 2nd Birthday (tomorrow!!)


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