A project comes to full term!

This Mama Doll was made for my friend who is due to have her baby by home birth in about 10 weeks…but this doll was started about 9 months ago – before she was even pregnant! She has had a gestation period of her own 🙂

There were a few challenges along the way…but now I know how to crochet 🙂 At first I asked my Mother-in-Law to to help me. She made a large doll from the pattern that my friend purchased on Etsy, and I had planned to gently enter the world of crochet by making the clothes and adding the details, but I was stumped as I had only 1 crochet hook, which was clearly too small…and no crochet hooks to be found in Spotlight for weeks….so, aware that Rebecca’s pregnancy was progressing I took a crash course in crochet and gave the doll a go.

I am SO impressed with the person who designed this pattern. It is very intricate, but not as difficult, in the end, as I first thought.

I still have the orginal doll, and I will find out what size hook was used, then finish her and keep her for myself.

This doll is a Birthing Mama, and I couldn’t adequately display her without showing her full potential….the pictures speak for themselves.

Be warned that you may find them a bit disturbing if you have not watched a birth before. But this is a santised birth – no mess and a smile on her face the whole time!!


Birthing Mama Doll 2009 003

Mama at full term - happy in anticipation of her beautiful baby's birth

Birthing Mama Doll 2009 004

Beginning to feel contractions - judging by the smile on her face she is full of endorphins

Birthing Mama Doll 2009 005

The head!!

Birthing Mama Doll 2009 006

A safe and successful home birth!

Birthing Mama Doll 2009 008

With placenta still attached, this lotus birth baby begins to feed


Yes! The pattern for this Birthing Mama Doll includes a womb, placenta, umbilical cord….and every detail down to the pubic hair.

She was a lot of fun to make and makes everyone laugh when they see her…having said that I don’t think I will be in a hurry to make another one for a while!


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