Selkie Moon


In preparation for our next MYSHA Circle tomorrow night I have been emersing myself in the world and mythology of the selkie: the woman-seal who sheds her skin by the moonlight. More to come, with insights from our evening, in another post.


Selkie Mat finished 001
Selkie Mat
Selkie Mat finished 003
Selkie Moon Face
Selkie Mat finished 004
Selkie Moon Close Up


Our MYSHA Circles are becoming popular, we are now taking advance bookings and considering a second session.

Do you dare call your sacredness forth?



2 thoughts on “Selkie Moon

  1. Look at that beautiful selkie, so comfortable in her skin! Thanks so much for last night, Jen. It was truly wonderful. I left feeling refreshed, nourished and grateful. I was challenged (artistically and emotionally) and felt completely at ease in the company of so many amazing women, most of whom I hadn’t met before. Thank you, and I look forward to the next one. xx

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