The business of being Rosella

Our little Rosella is 2 years old now! Her birthday was on the weekend and unfortunately she (and her brother….and now her mother!) saw this milestone in with sniffles and fevers and general miserableness, which is has gone for a few days now. We’ll try to celebrate again at a better time. At least she is too little to know how special it is for us that she is Two … we can celebrate her birthday at any time and better to do it when everyone is well and happy.

She’s a pretty hardy little soul: apart from a scary dose of flu at two weeks old, a visit to the hospital to have a finger tip stitched back on and the odd snotty nose, she has rarely given us any worry about her health. A nice change, considering the song and dance her brother lead us through in the first three years of his life. Perhaps it is that experience that has helped us approach her occasional illnesses with a new-found Crocodile Dundee attitude (that’s not an illness, this  is an illness!), but Rosella does seem to go about the business of being sick with the same earthiness she greets every part of her day: as if her daily mantra is “this is happening, and I am part of it”. I love that about her. It would be interesting to see her chart – the watery element of this little scorpio seems to help her ‘go with the flow’ rather than to ‘flow freely with emotion’ the way her mother does 🙂

I love talking about Rosella’s birth. I think it is the all-time favourite moment of my life. I will spare you the details…but I will show you some pictures. She came into this world with a surety and openness that made a mockery of all the little worries I was harbouring. At first I was not sure I had much to do with her fabulous birth…she seemed to handle things pretty well on her own … but on reflection it was definitely a turning point in my life. She has taught me how to access my confidence and how to keep myself grounded. 

Here is a teeny tiny peek into the last 2 years:


davejen 5

Joyfully waiting


Best home birth - 3 hours from start to finish. She emerged moments before our midwife walked through the door.


Lotus Birth Baby. We did not cut her cord but waited until it came off by itself on the fourth morning of her life. Such peace in this stillness I have rarely experienced since.


Asleep on the potty. Beginnings of our jolly journey with 'elimination communication'


At about 7 months. Kaelan gave her his heart.


Always a willing participant in her brother's exciting games.


The hanky hat for meal times ... so that we didn't need to wash her hair after every meal 🙂



With her friend Cherri and their babies


With her favourite people

Happy Birthday little ZenBaby


5 thoughts on “The business of being Rosella

  1. Happy Birthday Rosella!
    What a beautiful post Jen. I love seeing the photos of your journey together so far.
    Best wishes and blessings for the speedy clearing of sniffles so that the celebrations can begin!
    Love Melissa xx

  2. Joyeux Anniversaire Rosella. You are a true delight and ray of sunshine in our lives. My fave memory of you so far is when you used to sit in your queen rosella chair and critically observe all that was going on before you. Gros gros bisous.

  3. My little Rosie. Gorgeous, you are. Ned is so lucky to have you as his little friend (and I am so lucky to have your mum!)
    Looking forward to many many more years and journeys together.
    Otanjobi omedetoo (happy birthday in japanese)

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