Celebration Cake!



We’ve got a lot to celebrate at the moment!!

Kaelan can ride his bike without training wheels, can sleep in his own bed ALL night long, can ‘swim’ 5 m unassisted and just generally so much more grown up at the moment.

Rosella has started using the toilet, and apart from a couple just-missed-it moments she has had dry pants the last three days. She is also (and this is something I am NOT happy about) starting to use ‘proper’ names for objects instead of her happy little baby names. Cats are not ‘mao-mao’s any more, horses and donkeys are not ‘hee-haws’. It is so sad. I hope that Kaelan stays as “Daya” forever 🙂

So here is the happy smiley face cake (with a beard) to celebrate all these wonderful things, and how exciting … mummy has lost her sense of smell and didn’t notice the porridge burning so today we had chocolate cake for breakfast! (followed by more porridge later on when we finished licking our chocolatey fingers).

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