More Babies are coming :)

Today we had another doll-making session  – or doll-midwifery session as my friend refers to it – and indeed some cute brand new babies are being formed. I am getting better at making these dolls now, and although they still take time and care and love and patience and skill they are being formed faster than ever. Over the last two days we have begun three child dolls and two newborn dolls and two friends from a previous session came to help their little ones finish growing too.

The dolls are so cute and it amazes me that each one we make is completely different in looks to any other doll, although we all start with the same raw materials.

This will be my last doll-midwifery course for 2009, however they will come around again in 2010.

For the next course, the demonstration doll, and $10 from the cost of each doll made will be donated to Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation. Ayla is a little four-year-old friend of mine who’s developmental path is meandering along at a different pace, and perhaps in a slightly different direction to that of other children her age. Ayla is a cheeky little sausage who is capable of giving everyone big surprises when they least expect it. In recent breaking news Ayla has STOOD UP for the first time to reach a cracker on the couch!!

Please visit Melissa’s blog to read about life with this beautiful little girl, and also Ayla’s progression through her treatment, and please click on the link to the ABR site to read about how her treatment works. Creating traffic to the ABR site will help Melissa and Steven a great deal because traffic linked back to their blog will enable them to hire the equipment they need for Ayla’s treatment at a discount. And every bit counts because Ayla’s treatment is very expensive.

 And if you are looking for very extremely cute Christmas presents for babies and children then please visit Don’t Tell Mamma at etsy, where 100% of the profits from these gorgeous handmade products go towards Ayla’s Rainbow Foundation.


One thought on “More Babies are coming :)

  1. Thanks Jen….that was really beautiful. I promise to bring Ayla for a play really soon. And thank you so much for your support.
    lis xx

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