Music for Stars

When we live our lives,

As if it were a song,

For singing out of life

We make the music

For the stars to go dancing

Circles in the night

This song is so lovely, and it easily goes with the grapevine dance, which is a simple method of rhythmical stepping in a circle. I first heard this song when I was pregnant for the second time – one that ended in a really awful miscarriage. The song I sang every day through my short pregnancy, and in the following days and weeks afterwards,  and it gave me such comfort to know that my baby went back to the stars and joined in the cosmic dance again. So despite the memory of  the circumstances during which I first experienced the delight of this song, it still gives me tingles of pleasure, to know that we have a choice to enjoy ourselves and dance our way through this life, to the rhythm of the stars.

I am pregnant again, for the fourth time, for our third child. I suppose I should be keeping it to myself, but I don’t see that it makes it any more difficult in the case of a miscarriage – harder in fact if you have to explain to people your sudden sadness or illness if they didn’t know before hand.

Today I am preparing for a Mama Blessing ceremony for a friend of mine. I’m delighting in the knowledge that I am pregnant too and will be basking in the love that will be circulating around my friend. Vicarious endorphins 🙂

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