Another Beautiful Mama Blessing

Have you attended a Blessingway ceremony before?


A blessingway is a beautiful ceremony to honour the transition from pregnancy to birth and motherhood. It focuses on nurturing, supporting and honouring a pregnant Mama, but also with the fun and festive atmosphere of a Baby Shower. The ceremonies I offer in my capacity as a Celebrant are known as Mama Blessings and are unique for each Mama, but always involve the giving of blessings from special womenfolk, either in form of words or gifts and a communal creative activity to make a meaningful gift for the Mama.

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending another beautiful blessingway ceremony, and this time I was there as a guest instead of facilitator, which was sooo nice! The ceremony was written by our Mama-friend’s daughter and also by her close friend, and I helped with some felting at the end. This time I had prepared (with some help!) a mat for baby to play on, and each person present helped to decorate it with needlefelting.

Among the ceremonial proceedings was a binding ceremony where each woman spoke of her wishes for Mama’s birth and journey to motherhood, kind of like the 12 fairies each giving their gifts of wisdom to Sleeping Beauty. As each woman spoke her blessing she wrapped a yarn around her wrist or ankle until we were all joined by the same yarn, in sisterhood with our Mama-friend. We will wear this yarn, or keep it in a sacred place until we hear her labour has begun. Then we cut it to help Mama with a free-flowing labour and birth.

It is symbols like these that are so meaningful and so powerful and so simple that create the biggest magic. Our beautiful Mama sat there quietly accepting all the heartfelt gifts.

A blessingway ceremony is nurturing for the Mama, but everyone else leaves feeling loved and richer for the experience too. What a wonderful opportunity to honour the special moments and people in our lives.


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