A Rite of Passage

It has been a bloggy kind of day today! Lots of posts from Lavendilly House. For those who have subscribed, I apologise for clogging your inbox! Some days I have a lot to share.

This afternoon a special event happened: Kaelan graduated from his kindy group at Finger Prints.

This was an event that I sadly missed due to Miss Rosella suddenly developing  the ‘womits’ about two hours before hand, but David was able to get there in time to watch the ceremony.

It wasn’t a ‘usual’ graduation ceremony. Not a black tassled cap, black cape or scrolled certificate in sight! No … this was a ceremony that reflected the respect these teachers have for the magic that exists in the world of early childhood, and a respect for the child themselves. The children who were leaving kindy to begin Prep next year were ready to ‘cross the threshold’ into school life by crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

First, there was the preparation:

Then there was the story:

Farewell hugs from his kindy teachers



Then Kaelan crossed the Rainbow Bridge


And was greeted by his new Prep Teacher for next year, who crowned him with a golden star crown

He’s pretty chuffed with the whole event, and I am sorry that I missed it. 

Our little guy is going to school.

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