Nourishing Nurturing Time …

Last night’s women’s circle was all about nurturing ourselves. I told the story of Rumplestiltskin and related it to the function of our livers … yes an unusual interpretation I realise, but I will post more on this another day.

After a session where we massaged each other’s arms lovingly with sphagni oil (which I will also describe in another post!) we then spent a little time considering how we would nurture ourselves over the next month.

And from that experience arose this poem:


A Little Time Alone

By Jennifer McCormack

I’ll spend a little time alone with myself

I’ll spend a little time alone,

To recall all the strengths that I”ve gained in myself

To recall how much I have grown.

To recall, without surprise, the fact I am loved

By more than my family.

I am surrounded in wisdom and practical help

From many who also love me.

To remember the thanks from my family and friends

For the gifts I have freely shared.

To remember, with humour and wisdom, the times

When my emotions were publicly bared,

And the gifts that came flooding back in those times

Threefold from the ones I have given.

I’ll spend a little time alone with myself

And be, in my own heart, forgiven


Peaceful Priestess


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