Knitting with rags

I love the quiet days after Christmas has passed.

No more preparing food, cleaning house, making presents … time to relax and read and read a book, the children enjoying the novelty of new gifts, nothing in particular that HAS to be done. To me these days are far more enjoyable than Christmas Day itself!!

Now I can do some craft for my own enjoyment, and possibly even to make something for myself!

This morning I took my knitting to the park

We enjoyed a break in the rainy weather, and I managed to knit a few rows while we waited for our friends to arrive.


It looks like a shapeless bunch rags … because it is. I am knitting with strips of fabric from my (three) boxes of remnants. With big fat needles (size 10) this mat grows really quickly. I’ve cut the fabric into strips about an inch wide and tied them all together, so that the knots become a feature of the rug.

Rag rugs like this aren’t new at all … they were pretty popular during the depression, but even then fabric was so precious that it would have had to be pretty much done for before it was turned into a rug.

Like all new projects I begin, I am now mentally scanning all the old clothes and sheets in our house and measuring their potential for use in rag rugs. It is a bit addictive because it is so easy to make! This one will be a bath mat. I suspect that everyone will receive a new bathmat for Christmas 2010!!

5 thoughts on “Knitting with rags

    • I think if you used lots of floral fabric it would look very pretty – and if you used just one colour, and knitted in the ends of the fabric (not tying them) then it would be a good gift for a man, or knitted in stripes with solid colours.

      You can hook a fringe on each end as well. Looking forward to playing with these ideas. Hope my remnant stash holds out! It takes a surprising amount of fabric!

  1. Hi Jen
    I am still using the one you made and gave to me several Christmases ago. It gets softer with each wash and it is great underfoot in the cold weather.

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