Doll Making Fundraisers

If you are looking for a fundraiser idea for your kindy or community group, I would be pleased to teach doll-making to help you raise funds!

$10 deposit from each doll made will go to your organisation, and the demonstration doll that is made will be donated to your organisation for a raffle.

Limbed Dolls(large): $80

Limbed Dolls (medium):$60

Limbed Dolls (small): $40

Dolls for Babies: $40

Costs include all materials except yarn for hair, and dolls clothes (although patterns for clothing are provided)

Choice of pale or dark skin tones available.

For ease of preparation and teaching I will make only one type of doll per fundraiser.

Evening and weekend workshops are available.

Please contact me via this website or on 0401442455 for bookings.


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