Fete des Rois!

Last year, my friend, Mother JoieDeVivre, began a tradition to host a Fete des Rois each year. This translates from French to the Festival of the Kings, and celebrates the coming of the Three Kings to present their gifts to baby Jesus, and marks the end of the 12 days of Christmas. I’ve been looking forward to this for some time 🙂

Part of the traditional proceedings, after a festive shared morning tea, involves the baking of the galette, a cake with an almond hidden inside, and whoever finds the almond hidden within their piece is to be crowned King or Queen for the day. Last year Kaelan found the galette inside his slice, and he and his chosen friend, Blossom, were crowned King and Queen in a royal wedding and coronation ceremony.

This year Possum found the galette in his slice of cake (which this year was a gluten-free brioche with a coffee-bean galette) and  King Kaelan and Queen Blossom handed their crowns on to the new Royal patrons of the party: King Possum and Queen Frida.

We rounded off the royal proceedings with a sing-a-long at the piano with Mother JoieDeVivre playing for us all. I just love being able to be a part of traditions such as this. It was lots of fun!

We all dressed up in our royal finery …

… and celebrated until we were suitably worn out 🙂


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