Happy Home Maker #3 – Fruit Jelly Cups!

Our kids had their first taste of jelly the other day … I’ve avoided it for so long because of the colourings, preservatives etc….but finally I found one that had ingredients I couldn’t find fault with  – and it tasted pretty awful! Yup, those nasty food chemicals do add a certain something to some foods!

So my kids don’t like jelly.

I can’t say I”m not unhappy about that!

But my midwife told me ages ago that she would make her own jelly with fruit juice and a sachet of gelatin and I tried that last night instead. I couldn’t find gelatine that didn’t have preservative 202 in it! So as that was all that was available I bought it. I’m not a fan of 202 but it doesn’t affect my children in the way that colourings do, so at least I was able to control that part of it. 

I know there are alternatives to gelatine, particularly for vegetarians (as gelatine is made from animal skin/hooves) but I have never quite got the hang of agar agar, which is made from seaweed and is naturally gelatinous. I will try that next though, and see what I can do with it.

Here is how I made them:

1) I juiced two apples and added a bit of lemon juice, honey and water (until it was about 500ml) and heated it on the stove

2) I chopped up some left over fruit into small pieces and put them into the bottom of little jelly moulds.

3) When the juice was hot (but not boiling) I stirred in a sachet of gelatine and when it was all dissolved I poured this over the fruit in the jelly cups.

4) Put them in the fridge and let them set over night.

They are a tasty little treat, nice and cold from the fridge! (But I have to say the 202 gave me the sneezes straight away, although it didn’t seem to affect the children – DEFINITELY trying the agar next time.



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