Blessingway Felting Party.

At the end of last year I helped Sarah celebrate the coming of her second baby, both in my role as a Celebrant, and as a felting teacher – together we organised a Mama Blessing felting party.

We began with the ceremony, an intimate circle of friends sitting in the shade, celebrating Sarah as the Mama of Honour. We journeyed through a visualisation into a sharing and the expressing of our deepest wishes for Sarah, and the blessings she has shared as a friend over the years she has known each of the guests. It was very moving, very beautiful.

After the ceremony we helped to decorate the felt that I had made for Sarah as a wall hanging to decorate the space she intended to birth in at home. Each one of her friends and family used the felting needles to add designs such as flowers, hearts and little pictures symbolic of their relationship to Sarah. These designs decorated the outer border of her wall hanging.

I couldn’t help myself … and at the end of the blessingway I was still adding things, touching up designs, making sure they were felted in well enough to last many years.

My favourite thing about the felting activity was watching the women move through barriers to their creativity. Needle felting is such a wonderful way to begin expressing yourself visually – all you need to do is pick up a needle and some fleece and start felting! You do not need to feel pressure to make anything brilliant because any design that you create blends in with all the others to make a truly community design … and if you really and truly do not like it – you can take it off and start again!! It was wonderful to see each person find their confidence in design … and there is always one that cannot put the needle down and becomes addicted to creating little patterns and pictures all over the place đŸ™‚

If you are interested in organising a felting party for your special function, please visit Lavendilly Fibre Arts or contact me here at this blog.

This is also an example of the portrait felting workshop I am hosting in March!


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