Yes, it is an act of shameless self-promotion.

If you are considering booking a felting party at your home, here is an incentive:

The next person to book a felting party for a special occasion, or to organise a private felting workshop with a group of friends, will receive a needle-felting pack worth $20. This pack includes a foam block, 1 felting needle 300g of corriedale fleece in rainbow colours! It is a great starter pack for needle felting.

Happy Felting Everyone!

4 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Dear Lavendilly House,
    I am Suzana,a waldorf kindergarten teacher in Rijeka, small town at sea in Croatia and love working with wool, wet felting and needle felting.Next week I am hosting a workshop of easter rabbit felting.I am also a mum of two beautifull children, 15 and 10 and they love felting. Really enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Hello Suzana,
    Thank you for your lovely comment – I do often wonder who reads my blog (apart from my friends and family!)
    Please send me photos of your easter rabbit felting workshop if you take any. I’d love to post here what my readers are making with felt – especially in other countries.
    I am currently planning a needle felting easter workshop also!

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