Support Home Birth in Australia – please!!!

There were 13 simultaneous home birth rallies across Australia today! I was not able to attend the one held in Brisbane, but I was there in spirit, for what that is worth. Last year I flew to Canberra to show my support at a National Rally. I blogged about it here.

I choose a privately practising midwife, but under new proposed legislation her ability to practise will be extremely limited. This is unnecessary and unfair. Why train midwives if they are unable to practice without supervision? 

I choose a private midwife because I prefer the level of care and attention I receive. I prefer the encouragement and trust from one who knows and understands my body. I prefer to grow together through my pregnancy with my baby and my family and my midwife because we are a team and we are of one mind. I trust her knowledge and experience. I trust the connection she has with our local health services. I trust her to tell me when I need more help.

I will not take risks. I will not compromise my own or my baby’s safety. I am not stupid. If I need medical attention I will take it! That is why it is there! But as I am not sick and I am not at risk I do not see why my pregnancy should be monitored by a doctor – or why my midwife should be monitored by a doctor.

Please support home birthing in Australia by keeping up to date.

Here is a link to home birthing in SE Queensland:

Here is an article about today’s rallies:

Here is the Maternity Coalition’s website:

And here are some wonderful girls who were born at home!


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