Menstruation Mat

Today I made a Menstruation Mat – a beautiful round mat to honour the daughter of a friend who will soon make her passage into Womanhood.

Her mother asked me to make it and intends to embellish it together with her daughter in an intimate home-crafted celebration.

This mat is truly blessed already with the spirit of sisterhood, as another two friends kept me company today and helped to make the mat.

What a lucky young lady to be held in such esteem at this transition point in her life!

Ceremonies of Sister Hood MUST become a ritual of our times. We must begin to share the knowledge that has been lost between women – the celebration of our bodies as unique and wonderful (WONDER-FULL!). I am so excited for this young lady that I am almost (but not really) wishing Rosella’s infancy and childhood away so that I can begin preparing a ceremony for her too 🙂

The mother of this young woman will be creating her own special ceremony for her daughter, however Sister Blessings are a ceremony that I offer as part of my Celebrant services. If you are interested in finding out more, please visit Ceremonies With Spirit.


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