My Chicken Stock

Just a little add-on from yesterday’s post – my chicken stock was the richest, tastiest, darkest, most nourishing stock I’ve ever made … and it DID set into a jelly in the fridge!

The chicken just fell apart when I lifted it out of the stock and it tastes sensational.

For want of more appropriate containers I poured the stock into 2-cup amounts into zip-lock bags and lay them in the freezer, keeping 2 cups of stock in the fridge for the evening’s cooking if required. When I run out fridge stock I plan to replace it with a frozen one straight away so that I won’t have to wait for my stock to defrost whenever I want to use it.

Tonight we are having a meal made from this delicious chicken. Very simple: it is your classic pasta bake:

Chicken (which now looks shredded but is so moist and full of flavour), peas and corn mixed into a white sauce and pasta and topped with chopped crispy pecans.

Of course I had to make a seperate meal for myself , but I used the wonderful gelatinous chicken stock in both the white sauces and seasoned them with pepper and herb salt. Yum.

The pecans I soaked overnight and then dried out in the oven. I am NOT a fan of pecans, but I’m crazy over these. I’ve been snacking on them all day!

And I’ll serve this meal with a fresh salad topped with sunflower sprouts (and more pecans!) and know that whatever amount each member of the family eats, this is a cut above the usual pasta bake in flavour and nourishment.

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