lotus birth – in response

I was just checking out my blog stats for the last few months to see which posts have been read the most, and to my surprise it is the post I wrote just after Rosella’s second birthday, The Business of Being Rosella.

The most common search term people have used when arriving at my blog is ‘lotus birth’ so I am gathering there is a lot of interest in this subject! I made mention of it briefly in my post about Rosella, and again a bit later on in some other posts (which are listed in my Articles page).

Rosella was a lotus birth – this means that after she was born we made the decision not to cut her umbilical cord, but to let it and the placenta dry out and detach in its own time. Sounds gross doesn’t it? Why would anyone do it? Well I have no idea why it was first done … but we did it and it was one of the most peaceful and connected experiences I have ever had, especially in comparison to the clinical birth of her brother.

If you have any questions about lotus birth I’d be happy to answer them. Just leave a comment here.

If you can wait until July we are aiming for another one 🙂

Stay tuned … if it works out we’ll try to remember to take pictures this time.

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