Time for some Sacred Idleness!

When I left my full-time job as an early childhood teacher I was petrified that I wouldn’t cope with the all the time I would have at home. I am not sure why! I’ve never been very lost for things to do! There is always something going on around here, and being a creative person there is never less than three or four projects on the go at once. My husband is just as busy. So are my children.

Perhaps if we got ourselves a television we might all slow down a bit 😉

only joking. We don’t miss it in the slightest.

But I do feel the need for a bit of solitude, quiet time, a break from the continuous flowing of my own creative juices! I’m craving a bit of Sacred Idleness. I wrote about it in September last year when I had busied myself into burn out, and then thoroughly enjoyed a few months of rest, after cancelling EVERYTHING – my playgroups (I was running two groups at home – and I still miss them very much), my workshops and all social gatherings. I delighted in spending my days noticing the small details in everyday objects, with having the time to read a book in two days, the time to gather my thoughts and recharge my batteries. I was practicing the art of stretching time by doing nothing 🙂

Well obviously it did me some good as I am back in the game: co-hosting a sacred women’s circle, running workshops, looking after other people’s children, making dolls, running a home business, writing ceremonies, continuing my priestess studies, secretary of GAIA, and now also researching, planning and preparing REAL food for myself and my family.

oh yeah – and I’m just over half way though a pregnancy with my third child.

Tonight my friend posted on Facebook about how lovely it was to see the moon tonight and I realised I have hardly been outside day or night for weeks. I couldn’t even tell you what phase the moon is in (and that is pretty poor form for an initiated priestess!).  I have made a sacred space for myself in our back bedroom. I’m pretty lucky to have this space but it is gathering dust from lack of use. It is calling to me to clean it and sit still in it!

Time to schedule in some sacred idleness!

I’m going out to say hello to the moon …

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