Sunflower Seed Patties or Dip Recipe

I recently had the pleasure of tasting a raw sunflower seed dip made with sprouted sunflowers. Sprouting your seeds, nuts, legumes and grains means that you are accessing a whole new range of nutrients that weren’t there in the unsprouted version!

As I was making the dip, however, I thought that I might make them into patties for easy lunches, as I have found lunches a bit challenging since changing my diet. So I added a few extra ingredients to firm them up into patties and mine are now cooked and in the freezer just waiting to be re-heated when I’m hungry for something yummy.

The recipe is on my Kitchen Garden blog, which hasn’t seen much action for a long time, but in the light of my renewed interest in food, it might see some new additions in the coming weeks.

Serve them with this recipe: Oven-Baked Polenta Chips! I was so happy to have found this … Kaelan has been craving hot chips for several days but now that potatoes are well and truly off the menu for me there is no way I could make the kids chips and then not eat them too!! These polenta chips are tasty (I made mine with the juice left over from last night’s chicken dinner). They are crunchy on the outside and savoury and soft on the inside, and with a little imagination they could be the real thing. Certainly they are filling!

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