A Lavendilly Easter

Easter began with preparations the day before. In the northern hemisphere Easter is a Spring festival, but here in Australia it falls during Autumn, a time of harvest. This book helped me a lot in bringing together ideas for a simple family Autumn Easter celebration:

Contact Mama Moontime if you are interested in buying a copy. I am sure she can help you out.

Our preparation for Easter involved:

cutting out leaves and sewing them into crowns with Kaelan …

finishing off the mushroom cushions we started in playgroup (way back when!) … some of them became place mats…

going for a bush walk to find an interesting branch to use as an Easter Tree …

trying and failing to dye eggs in different colours. Who’d have thought it would be so difficult? Even the most toxic food dye would not change the colour of those eggs!!

In the end I decorated the eggs with stickers and hard-boiled them wrapped in a muslin bag with onion skins inside. They turned out beautifully.

We prepared an Easter Table with the branch, a few toy eggs, some carrots for the Easter Hare and a pretty rainbow cloth. We went to sleep hoping the Easter Hare would help decorate it … and David and I woke this morning to hear Kaelan and Rosella singing an Easter song they made up on the spot as they admired the work of the Easter Hare on the newly decorated Easter Tree. It was so sweet! The children all spent time sitting around the table today, delicately touching and talking about the things they could see … and it was all so simple! Simple is beautiful.

When Grandma, Grandad and cousins arrived we decorated wax egg candles with beeswax,

and enjoyed some freshly baked hot cross buns (gluten and dairy free – and no Melissa – they did not taste like cinnamon-flavoured doorstops! They were tasty!)

and then I told the children a story, which led on to the Easter Egg Hunt. That cheeky Easter Hare had hidden the Easter eggs! We followed the picture clues all about the house, from one spot to another, zig-zagging about everywhere just as if we were Easter Hares ourselves :).

The clues led us all the way to the creek, where I think the Easter Hare had slightly overestimated the abilities of small arms and legs, but with a bit of help everyone scrambled down until the eggs were found.


We were more than ready for lunch after this adventure and returned to a beautiful Autumn festival table ready for us to share our meal.

The crowns that Kaelan and I had made doubled as the napkin rings on the tables. Kaelan had set a very special table for the children in the cubby (with another Easter Tree!) and fortunately Brother wind ceased his gusty Autumn blow so that we could all enjoy our lunch outside too.

It was all very festive! These were the crowns that Kaelan helped to make. I can’t tell you how excited I was to have my five-year old’s help and company while we cut and sewed together! He even opted out of a trip to the tip with Dad in order to help me! That was very surprising!

After we said our goodbyes to everyone Kaelan laid out all the Easter Hare’s clues again and set up his own hunt. He still needs a bit of practice though, to stop the clues from leading you in circles around the house!!

Happy Easter everyone, with love from Lavendilly House.

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