Hugs for Everyone!

There isn’t a single thing (or person) in this world that I ‘hate’.

There is plenty that disturbs me, lots that makes me sad … some things get me angry for a little while.

But I don’t hate anything … except maybe anchovies.

One of my favourite meditations about achieving happiness and wisdom is by Rudolf Steiner:

Inner work has outer effects

Judge not, only listen

Don’t question aimlessly

Only behold. Love them all.

Outer experience has inner results.

Don’t avoid, only seek.

Be not defensive, only endure

until it is attained.

Quiet within, love without

Speak not, only hear

Don’t ask, only wait

Until it is given to you.

It has taken me many years of contemplation on this verse to really ‘get it’. And I imagine it will take many more years to internalize it and live it. Amma lives it.

My friend was lucky enough to receive a hug from Amma this weekend. Amma hugs anyone and doesn’t ask questions. Universal love for all. She doesn’t flinch if you are a bit smelly, she doesn’t refuse to touch you because you look or think different. She doesn’t even ask. She just gives you a great big cuddle same as anyone else. I wish I knew that Amma was here on the Gold Coast. If she can hug for three days straight I am sure willing to line up for hours to receive one!

I give you all a great big hug – from my heart to yours.

Even if you are a bit smelly 😉


4 thoughts on “Hugs for Everyone!

  1. I LOVE AMMA! One of these days I plan to go and hug her myself, but for now I just hug every body else! Indeed I was just interrupted mid sentence for a huge hug. Big hugs and smoochies to you!

  2. it is a beautiful verse..
    re anchovies – when we were in Italy, many moons ago, we stayed in Riomaggiore along the Cinque Terre. Riomaggiore is famous for anchovies – fresh anchovies straight out of the ocean which is on their doorstep. I am not a fan of the anchovy – hairy little fishes tongues I say, nothing ruins a pizza like an anchovy – just a speck of the thing BUT fresh they are divine – try some one day, be brave.

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