I’ve got a new pet!

I haven’t had a good track record with pets – being allergic to most creatures that are usually kept as pets. I had budgies for ages when I was growing up, but most of them died of cancer or flew away! We had a dog for about two weeks before it became clear that we just were not compatible.

We have fish at the moment, who, thankfully, seem quite happy to be swimming about in some-what murky water.

But now I’ve got a new one. It is a brave move, but I think it should be fairly easy to take care of, as it only drinks water and eats a bit of millet. It likes to be fairly still, and to sit in a place where it can see what is happening in the house. It is quite at home on the kitchen counter and the best thing about this pet is that if I feed it, and keep it happy and healthy, it will feed me!

Yes! I intend to eat it!

I’ve always found the idea of eating one’s own animals a bit macabre … but then I DO eat animals, so I guess I should get over that …

What do you think I should name my new pet?

P.S. – this is gluten-free sour dough culture, chock full of happy micro-organisms (I told you it was animal!) – Made by Melissa and generously shared with me for happy experiments in gluten-free bread-making 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’ve got a new pet!

    • Witherspoon is a great name for my culture 🙂 I have started a wheat one too, for those in the house who are less fond of millet …. not saying it is my favourite grain either though, although it doesn’t make Witherspoon any less loved!

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