Lavendilly House = Lavendilly Chaos

I celebrate lots of things: food, the joy of cooking, my children and family, my clever and wonderful husband, my interests in craft and making things …

Today I am celebrating dark chocolate and children who still have day-time naps. I would be (should be!) napping with them right now but the organic 70% cocoa chocolate I ate after lunch isn’t letting me.

I do often receive lots of comments about how busy I am, with people wondering how I get so much done … the truth is that I don’t! Although I have always maintained that there is creativity to be found in every day “house-loving” tasks, housework of any description (other than cleaning the kitchen after I’ve made a mess in it) has recently completely ground to a halt in the pursuit of other, more creative tasks. I won’t go into details about how slack my housekeeping has been because my parents are probably reading this (Hi Mum and Dad!) and they brought me up with better standards than the ones I’ve been keeping the last few months 🙂

Somehow, things get done … I’ve got a brilliant husband who doesn’t need to be asked to attend to the things I don’t get to, and who appreciates the things I DO manage to do in the day. That is definitely a blessing.

But that wonderful husband has been away today and I have found myself flapping about in a chaos of chores that I have put off or have meant to get around to (but just couldn’t).

I’ve got every appliance in the house going! The dehydrator is making chips out of the good bits of the kale that was starting to wilt and turn yellow (have you had kale chips? Yummy!), the washing machine has been working double-time, and because the line is full (thank goodness it is a sunny, breezy day!) the drier is on too. The dishwasher is on too – and the oven (which never seems to be switched off these days – but I can’t tell you what’s in there cos it is a surprise for Mother’s Day).

You’d think with everything going, that I would have nothing else to do – but there is still stuff everywhere, and that is partly because I thought it would be a good thing to go through the chest of drawers that holds the children’s games and puzzles today. We need the drawers for baby’s clothes and I’ve been meaning to go through it for ages. But of course as soon as you unearth toys your children haven’t looked at in ages they want to play with them! I was going ok until the phone rang … and that was the end of the controlled chaos. I am knee-deep in mixed up puzzle pieces, game boards, felt stories and musical instruments … and that was just Rosella’s explorations during a 5 minute phone call.  Kaelan has been happy as a pig in mud (which is an apt description of our house today) but with scissors, sticky tape, pencils and paper. While I have been grateful for (and excited by) his attentive creative time – there is a significant amount of mess to clean up there too.

But that can wait … for now, the children are blissfully asleep, I am on a chocolate high, the house is quiet, my tea is hot and I while I could attend to the mess around me, I’m off to do some spinning …. which means probably that I’ll still be sitting at the wheel when David gets home – and then we can clean up together – yay!

Cleaning is so much more fun (and is finished faster) with a bit of help. Some times it just isn’t worth stressing about 🙂


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