I didn’t mean to do it …. did I?

I’ve been off-line for two weeks. Feels like a life time!!

Two weeks ago I changed my status on Facebook to read that I would be taking a week’s break from Facebook. I felt like it was dominating my time, and I wanted to spend more creative time at home. After changing my status, and then sending a few more emails, I shut down the computer, and got up from the couch … but the laptop was still in my lap. Can I blame late pregnancy and the tendency not to think logically about things? Can I blame the physical difficulty of actually getting off the couch these days? Can I blame the slow reflexes and the tendency to drop things these days (I swear I was just holding my keys! Why are they on the floor?)? Or perhaps I might have been secretly sabotaging my own computer to fulfill my desire for ‘sacred idleness’ …. either way the laptop slid off my lap and ever-so-gently bumped on the floor.

So that was that. My lap top did not like being bumped and staged such a huge protest that my husband had to take it apart with a screw-driver. And in parts it now remains while we await the arrival of a crucial ‘bit’. I don’t know when that will arrive so until then I have been in ‘radio silence’.

It has been simultaneously lovely and frustrating!!

I was wanting some quiet time to myself at home. My children certainly appreciate the extra time and attention I have now! I’ve been reunited with several craft projects that have been sadly neglected, and I have read a book! Now I am tackling The Grass Crown by Colleen McCullough … a book that requires a great deal of concentration! As we do not own a tv, and the laptop provided our only form of evening entertainment, we have been having some very quiet, creative time at the end of the day. This part I’ve enjoyed immensely.

But it is pretty difficult to run an on-line business when you can’t get on-line! It is also hard to plan ceremonies, my Secretary duties for GAIA (Goddess Association in Australia) and my blog without access to a computer! So it is with relief that I have borrowed some computer time tonight.

So there you go. I’m OK, still happily pregnant and enjoying a quiet existence at home. I have to admit it took me 48 hours to resist the hourly urge to just ‘see’ what was happening on Facebook … does that make me addicted? I think maybe it does … I think I am still going through withdrawal but my hope is to maintain contact with a bit more discipline. Do you think I can do it?

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