Sacred Essence in Clarity!

We held our delayed May Sacred Essence Circle last Monday night. The theme for the evening was CLARITY.

This was a beautiful circle, with the usual storytelling, some very invigorating yoga with Melissa, a meditation that helped to CLEAR OBSTRUCTIONS so that we can ACCESS our vision, intuition, divine guidance … with clarity, and all rounded up with a creative excercise in drawing our own personal target board – in mandala form.

Would you like to be a part of this circle? We so enjoyed this one that we are presenting it again on the second Monday of June. It may be my last circle before my baby comes … I’m hoping to squeeze in a July one but we’ll just have to wait and see!

After that Melissa will carry on until I am able to join her again, then I will take over when HER baby comes! We’ll be tag-teaming for a while, but Sacred Essence will continue … we are enjoying these circles for the healing it gives us, for the contact with wonderful women and the good feeling of spreading a little sacredness in our community.

Please join us at our next circle!!


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