It is happening too quickly!

Oh no!

It is so soon! Just over a month and our baby will be here! I am slowing down, plodding along, drifting into non-rational, dreamy thinking spaces. I am trying to ‘nest’ but there still seems to be so many ‘loose-ends’ to tie up before I can completely relax into the descent into labour-land.

But I am not ready! I want another month to savour this! I am not sick of being pregnant, not sick of feeling our baby move and jump and stretch. I’m tired, but it is good tired! The kind of tiredness you get when you’ve had a good day and done some good jobs.

Having said that I can’t wait to meet this little one. Everyone is looking forward to the arrival ‘the baby’. We’ve gone through, washed, folded and put away all the old baby clothes into baby’s own chest of drawers, bought a few new clothes, and made a few strolls down memory lane in the process.

I’m spinning some yarn ‘for the baby’, but I doubt it will be used for baby. I’ll bet baby will arrive before I can make some yarn satisfactory enough for knitting!

Bring it on, I say … but not too quickly! Give me a moment to savour this first …

Let me enjoy the intensity of love I feel for everyone, but especially my husband and two big babies, who will just keep growing up and making me so proud of them …

Let me continue to be surprised at the movements of another human being, making their own choices already, inside my body. Bizarre…

Let me thoroughly enjoy the sensation of complete satisfaction as I put my feet up at the end of another day, sink into my pillow and dream shared dreams with our bubba.

Let me grieve softly for the times when I had only one child, and then two … things will never be the same …

Let me be two people in one, just a bit longer! It doesn’t happen very often!

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