June Sacred Essence Circle: Clarity revisited!

Last month, as a response to the outcome of our previous circle about gratitude in April, Sacred Essence explored the idea of clarity. We all felt we needed some!

It was a beautiful and very inspiring evening, however due illness we needed to change the date at the last-minute, and many who wished they could attend did not have the opportunity to do so.

Clarity returns to Sacred Essence this month. Let me give you a run through: the story will be about the essence within ourselves, our ability to see clearly our thoughts, ideas, visions, goals. After exploring these qualities in the story of an ancient Roman Goddess, we move into a focussed yoga series designed to help our body know what it FEELS like to see a goal clearly, to aim for it, and fire ourselves towards it!

Our meditation will help us to identify what is blocking our sense of clarity, and the follow-up creative activity of mandala-drawing will see us creating our own ‘target board’, a visual reminder of how to clear those blockages, how to access our intuition and how to keep our visions clearly in focus.

Here is a testimonial from a participant. (I’ve edited it a little to preserve her privacy around this issue.) Melissa and I merely facilitate these evenings – it gives me big warm fuzzies to know that our participants are inspired to continue accessing and developing their own inner guidance.

I just wanted to say thankyou for last Monday night, and to let you know what has arisen from it.  You may have gathered I have been having some inner conflict with my “tree”. There must have been a huge inner shift of energy because I came home to a completely different energy, and it has continued since…so thankyou again, I felt like I received a lot from you both.

Do you  need some clarity?

Sacred Essence

Silkwood School, Moonlight Prep Room

39 Shepherd Hill Lane, Mt Nathan, Gold Coast

7pm start – 9:30

$20 per session or $45 for three sessions

Monday 14th June (Queen’s Birthday public holiday)

RSVP to Jennifer McCormack (jennifer@ceremonieswithspirit.com)

… and some good news … Melissa and I enjoy these circles too much. We benefit from them ourselves, and find lots of healing in planning and facilitating these circles for you. My baby is due very soon, and Melissa’s soon after that. The plan is to continue the circles … somehow, we will work it out as we go along …

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