The Union of Two Families

Yesterday I had the pleasure of facilitating a wedding up at Heritage Wines, Mt Tamborine. We used the new pavilion that has been built overlooking amazing views of the Gold Coast. It is completely enclosed in glass, with doors that open out on to a spacious deck. Half an hour prior to the wedding the rain came in and the most stunning double rainbow I’ve seen in ages appeared over the hills of the mountain- oh! It was so beautiful, and very clearly a blessing, but all our thoughts turned to the bride who needed to walk down a flight of stairs in the rain in order to reach the pavilion! Fortunately the rain cleared, and the bride and her three daughters who were her attendants arrived at the pavilion dry and smiling.

The wedding yesterday was celebrating the union of a couple who have shared their lives for a number of years already. This couple have taken their time to learn about each other, developing a deep and rich relationship, and have allowed their children the time and space to grow into each other. We honoured and celebrated the joining of two families yesterday, with the groom’s son and the bride’s three daughters offering their blessings to the union in a handfasting ritual, with each sibling placing a ribbon over the couple’s joined hands that I then tied together as a gesture of grounding them together as one new family.

All weddings are special, and each time I facilitate a ceremony I leave the space absolutely buzzing. I smiled to myself all the way home, thinking of how wonderful it is when ceremonies are so simple and so beautiful. It is the thought and intention that goes into the ceremony that is the most important. Of course yesterday it helped to have such a beautiful and already prepared space to hold the ceremony, but it was more the fact that family and friends had stopped and taken the time and effort to help this couple with their celebration. Everybody was there FOR the bride and groom, there were friends and family busy taking care of the details: arranging the environment, informing the guests of the procedure for the afternoon, holding the ‘space’ so that the couple need not think about such things on their day. Everyone had taken special care with their appearances (all the guests looked so beautiful together), their attention was focussed on why we were all gathered together and it was clear from the applause as we congratulated the couple, that everyone wished this couple all the happiness in the world. To me it is this kind of energy that contributes to the success of a ceremony.

To Mr and Mrs White, and your family … I offer you my blessings and I thank you for the opportunity to be a helper for you on such a joyful occasion.


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