Getting ready …

The children have helped to wash the birthing pool, fill it and find the holes (which are now patched!)…

The pool is in place, and the room all prepared (although of course it has since been rearranged!)…

Knitting in progress for various little-people clothing items …

And spinning the last of my silk/merino for a little baby bonnet!

And unrelated to birthing … here is David’s latest project (it is up to me to finish painting it!). This is Rosella’s new potty chair that he converted from one of the children’s play chairs (shown next to it). I promise to finish painting it and post another picture. It will be very beautiful!


4 thoughts on “Getting ready …

  1. How exciting! You are looking gorgeous! And I am sure the chair will be awesome, its looking pretty good already! Hugs xoxoxox

  2. Jen, wishing you a magnificent birthing spiral. Blessings on your family and that all the fairies bless your new one.
    The chair is wonderful. A little throne. Just right for training, a special place. And the first one reminds me of both the tree of life and the notion of composting and recycling! Lol! A good education for the generation that will be saving the planet.
    Love to you

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