My favourite newborn nappy fold

I learned this fold when Kaelan was a baby – it uses no pins! I loved it and it is perfect for the soft muslin nappies that I like to use when my babies are so tiny. This fold is not so good when bubba starts moving around a bit more, but I’ll show you my favourite fold for that stage too đŸ™‚

First, fold your nappy into a triangle. My nappies are quite large so I fold them in half like a triangle, and then fold the corners over again to double the thickness and make it smaller. Arrange the nappy so that the middle points towards you.

Next, fold the top down. This will create a flap that will hold the ends of the nappy in at the back. I like a big flap, David makes his a bit thinner.

Turn the nappy over so the fold is underneath.

Now, find a gorgeous little newborn who needs a clean nappy and place on top.

Fold the middle point up between baby’s legs.

Then take one end and fold it between baby’s legs, and under the bottom on the opposite side. Tuck under the flap.

Do the same on the other side.

It should look like this at the back:

Then top it all off with a pair of home-made woollen soakers that have been lanolised. The lanolin helps the wool to absorb moisture, but keep the pants dry at the same time.

Do you like her flares?


6 thoughts on “My favourite newborn nappy fold

  1. Thank you Jennifer! I was wanting to know how you do your folds as I’ve seen you do them a couple of times, but as I don’t need to use them yet I haven’t remembered how you do them. I am looking forwards to your next update! xoxo

  2. She is beautiful Jen!
    I love that fold too. A nurse showed me that one when I was in hospital after having my first baby 18 years ago. Although I didn’t get woolies until baby #4 I have always used that fold when nappying my tinys!
    xoxo Jen

  3. she is just perfect! Thanks for that, what a great idea. Do you have a pattern for knitting the woollen soakers and how to lanolise them? Cheers Renae

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