Moment of Birth

Again the sweet, life-giving pain

sweeps over me.

Like waves upon a shore,



it fades … and then envelops me once more.

And in between its fierceness and its fire

a great and tired peace.

The pulse of life within me

beats triumphantly.

Statistics say

a child is born each moment of the day.

Confronted by this thought,

my consciousness


This wave, this pain, is not just mine alone.

I am no shore …

I am but one of many grains of sand

sharing a common wave.

Multiplied a million times, I become


And yet,

the moment that my child was born

I was no more a tiny grain of sand.

It seemed in all the world

I stood alone.

And God reached down and touched me with His hand.

Written by Charmaine Solomon, from “Love and a Wooden Spoon”

(I wish I had written it!)


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