a new song .. prayer to the Great Mother

Oh Great Mother

I face you to understand birth

and new beginnings.

I look to you bringing forth a new day

and am reminded that life is

about birth.*

The beginning of the new means

the ending of the old

and while we can never be sure

of how it will arrive

we know that it will.

With each ending you cradle

us in your arms and sing to us

lullabies of our past

singing away on the wind

that we may be emptied and readied

for our new birth – our new songs.

But sometimes we can’t give our songs to you

and so we struggle to hear

when our new beginning

has arrived –

and it comes as a discordant clash.

hard and hurtful to our beings.

Great Mother I give you my songs

the songs of my body and heart past

empty me and dissolve me

that I may forgive and be forgiven

that I may hear the music of

my new beginnings

my new birth

sung from your heart to mine.

Let’s dance together into a new life.

Blessed Bee.

Written and copyright to Jennifer McCormack, July 2010, except for *lines from”Iroquois Oral Tradition”, Native American, recorded by Jose Hobday


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