It is all relative

I just read this blog about a mother’s journey with her young daughter Jessica and her ongoing health problems. She had half her brain removed at nine months and it did not stop there. I cried.

I am still crying.

I think about my friend Melissa and her daughter Ayla and the devotion and intense love and pride and sadness and frustration they see-saw between on a daily basis, and I think about the fright Kaelan gave us when he became so sick so suddenly and mysteriously five years ago .. and then discovering his (mild) deafness … and I cried again.

I read Jessica’s story and I think my life is pretty good, what have I got to worry about? Jessica’s story helps put things into perspective and it is SO not fair that life happens that way. But then I remember all the times I was worried or have had to work through sadness … and although I don’t live in a state of constant stress I know my feelings are valid too. Because some one else has it worse doesn’t mean we should write off our own hurts. All hurts need to be addressed and cared for.

I’m not getting all gloomy again, just thinking about things … and wishing life was different for Jessica and her mum.


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