Sacred Essence Monday 9th August

A note from Melissa Joss …

I’m excited! This month I am spreading this wonderful, inspiring and treasured work with my beloved women to Brisbane’s northside. Since i’m heavily pregnant and fast approaching my due date in very early – I hope- Spring, I think it may be my last month of action for a while so I’m planning a couple of big, beautiful, sacred women’s circles.

This month we are celebrating what it means to be a woman, in all our glory!

In the spirit of self care and gentleness we will soothe our minds, calm our senses, relax our bodies and attune to ourcreativity and sacredness as women… together.

I would love so much for you to come and join me in uplifting, soulful music, a meditation journey, some gentle yoga and creative arts with clay for this beautiful evening of celebration of our divine womanliness!!

For your reading pleasure and a bit of a taste, here is our Blessing:

We are women of the earth

Unified here in sacred space

Wisdom calls us here together

To this circle, our field of grace

Here we embrace one another

And I lovingly nurture my Self

Uncovering our truths and our gifts

We give thanks for all of life’s wealth

Divine Mother send us your blessing

As we awaken our Feminine Spirit this night

May we be strong and free and courageous

And walk in the path of great light.

(Melissa Joss, 2009)

The first of these events is to be held

Monday evening 9th August

Moonlight Prep Room, Silkwood School, Mt Nathan

7pm til 9pm

Cost is $20. All materials provided.

Please bring a yoga mat if you have one, cushion and warm shawl/blanket.

Email me to reserve your place:


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