The life line

We have been well taken care of on this babymoon – friends and family are bringing us meals, taking Kaelan to school, coming to help clean, offering to help us pack up our house when we move. It is a bit overwhelming at times to feel so loved and it is wonderful to feel like such a special part of my community. I am up and about now and able to cook, but am still grateful for the meals that continue to be offered from friends because it is helping me transition back into normal life. If it wasn’t for Amber’s pie last night the family would have gone hungry because I was so pooped from holding an upset baby yesterday that thinking about dinner was too much.

One of my favourite blogs, the Holy Rover described the offer of meatloaf and pickled beets as a lifeline, and I agree. While my inclination is to say, no thank you we don’t need a meal, I am resisting the urge to be proud and accepting all the bountiful blessings coming our way. Thank you everyone, it has made such a difference to us.

If ever one of your friends is unwell, unhappy, exhausted, or has been away on a long holiday, please drop around with a nurturing meal, some groceries, offer to take the children for a play, to do a load of washing or push the broom around for a while …. It isn’t the offer so much that is the important part, it is the gesture of love, and it is one that will come back to you. I have felt wrapped up in a big community blanket of love and I am sincerely grateful for everyone’s support.

3 thoughts on “The life line

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog The Holy Rover! I’m delighted to hear that I have a reader in Australia. You have a lovely site yourself. Blessings to you and your family.
    Lori Erickson

    • Hi Lori, I have been following your blog for a while and I really look forward to your posts. I like the way you reflect upon and share your ideas and discoveries. I have share dyour blog with a few readers so you have at least four readers in Australia 🙂

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